Loved or i still do?

I loved her! Or i still do?
With her, it wasn’t always happy. But with her i always grew.
She was the purest soul i had come across,
She was the only that supported me in times of chaos.
Why is it? That we suffer the pain?
Why is it that its always rain?
The idea of lettin u go, brings me guilt,
We can’t let go of the empire that we once built.
As the truthful soul that she was, to break the master’s trust, she felt wrong,
She had to leave the empire, that she had made so strong.
I cudn’t stop her, i knew it won’t be right,
But to never have her back? I hated that sight.
With her my days were always bright,
Without her in the life,there is always darkness,there is no light.
hope is that one day she comes back to the empire she herself made,
She comes back to the heart in which she once stayed.


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4 Responses to Loved or i still do?

  1. Shivam Jamloki says:

    Both of ’em are just awesome. Love them! 🙂


  2. sakshusingh says:

    Your writing is beautiful. It’s with a lot of feelings.


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