Unsecular bjp

First of all!
I support modi. He is doing great in terms of bringing industrialisation in India, the influence he has and the way he has used it to promote secularism by saying ‘anybody that incites hatered based on religion would not be tollerated’ is awesome.
Though 3-4 people of his party have made sexist and racist comments.
1)’mousque is not a religious place it can be demolished anytime,my friends from saudi have told me that’
^BJP Minister
2)’boycott all khans’ ‘putin is hindu’
^BJP Minister
3)’if sonia gandhi was a nigerian black skinned, would anybody accept her as a national politician’
^BJP Minister
The last comment actualy raised voices against BJP in nigeria too.
Their unsecular agenda goes across all ages and nations in the world.
Congratulations! Hurray!

Aren’t you as unsecular as hitler was?
How does it matter if we do pooja or we do namaz?
Religion is not a fact on which people should be judged upon,
your blood too is same as any other religion’s newborn.
You say we ought to boycot?
Boycot who? A.R. rehman,shaami,zaheer k?
Yeah! Why not?
I see you Got bored with religion,so went to colour,
That agenda wouldn’t get us industries, It would take us to the sewer.


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One Response to Unsecular bjp

  1. Shivam Jamloki says:

    Well said. These ministers know that it’s impossible for an Indian to follow apostasy and sad part is, they use it for their good and country’s bad!


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