i can live without her, that is obvious . I get angry, i feel like burning it all up in flames and never looking back. I wish to move forward and keep moving forward.leaving my light behind and nose diving into darkness.i would never look back once i move forward as looking back would let her see the tears in my eyes the darkness in the gloomy bright eyes and the love inside of a broken heart. It’s just emptiness that i live in, i have her and I don’t, i would love to love her but i won’t, she is like that, she is magic and above all she is pure. With all that being said i am lost.

Lost between the questions, lost between her and the other her, one that loves me unconditionally and the other that pushes me away. Who should i trust? The one that i could trust blindly or the new girl in town with a mean streak who just wants me to vanish with time? 

We had a conversation yesterday, I thought maybe I could settle the storm for once

Me being the bird flying high could see the winds were different from the very first glance

I chose to fly anyway, for i would Always be in love with the wind, for the wind is made for me by the lord above 

I did come crashing down, crashing down because of her storm and crashing down because of my love

My love for the wind never allowed me to fight the storm, 

Even on the ground with blood on my wings, the winds around made me feel warm 

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One Response to Lost

  1. sakshusingh says:

    Your writing is beautiful. With lots of feeling.


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