silent, it’s silent I can’t hear a noise, I can’t hear my surroundings , I can’t even hear the people screaming around me but i keep myself that way. I like the silence nowdays, the silence that engulfs my neck, that makes me feel suffocated, makes me feel lonely and i love it.

Sometimes i want to break out of this world and run, run to a sea shore where the sun sets and there is no weight on my shoulders. I would love to look dead in the sky and cry. Cry my heart out. 

Leave all these thoughts behind and start a new life at a new place, maybe europe. But always in silence. Silence has become my eternal love. It seems as if life would stay that way for a wile, in silence. 

While everyone persues into happiness, i persue into silence and i persue into my search. The search of one sound, one sound that defines my love for her.

Which defins my love for silence, i stay silent, i ignore all the noises and look for one soft menacing voice. Her voice. Her laughs. Her everything.. .. .. .

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