The yadav’s of UP 

‘Ab aap sudhar jaaeye, bus itna hi kahunga’ (now you must mend your ways, i’ve told you as much) said the voice, purportedly of mulayam singh.

An officer in UP Released an audio tape purportedly containing mulayam singh yadav’s voice.the audio tape which was almost 2 minutes long had it’s own share of highlights much like the dialogue in which the IG ranking officer was supposedly threatned with dire consequences if he did not mend his ways and  the other being ‘don’t you remember what happened with you at jasrana dawat,i think we should do the same to you again’ .

The jasrana incident is where the officer was saved from being beaten up. The samajwadi party chief proved that he is still sharp as he did not forget the jasrana incident. 

To make matters worse for the samjwadi party the chief minister akhilesh yadav took it on himself to defend maualyam singh yadav. The young and clearly mature chief minister stated ‘when mulayam singh can scold the chief minister, there is nothing wrong in his scolding an official’ . It seems as if the chief minister believes that mulayam singh yadav is in position to scold everyone in UP because the party chief holds the position of a father even outside of the chief minister’s residence

As of now, the akhilesh yadav led government on monday have suspended the inspector genral of police,civil chief,Amitabh Thakur who loged an FIR against mulayam singh yadav.

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