Winning or loosing?

He asked furiously ‘why is it so incomplete?!’, she couldn’t answer him, as pure as she was she just stood their with wet eyes. But as aggressive as he was he went on speaking every feeling that came to his mind. He kept screaming repeatedly ‘i hate you, you did this to me. I hate you , you did this to me. I hate you, you did this to me’ She had had enough of his blaming, she finally broke the master’s gridlock and claimed with a heavy heart ‘i did it for you goddamit!! I did it for you, i want you to reach the sky , I don’t want to be your weakness that holds you back from spreading your wings, i love you too much to see you loose because of me, i love you stupid i love you’ as she cried throughout.
Both of them experienced an emotional silence , with heavy wind blowing behind and darkness around them. The boy and the girl looked straight into each other’s eyes.She could feel his breath. 
The boy then in a low, bleak and fragile voice said ‘ (hername), what do i do with winning and loosing? When i have lost you?’ 

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