Sacred text

3800 years ago rig veda was written, 2000 years ago the bible came into existence and 1400 years ago the quran was revealed. Hence, came with them ambiguity about the one true god and a thousand year long enmity between the three longest branches of faith. 

Christianity being the longest branch offcourse with nearly 31% of the population on earth hanging on to it, followed by islam with 23% of the population hanging on to it and hinduism with 15% of the population holding on to it. Meaning that 70% of the population on earth certainly believes in a devine authority. Explaining the fact that all of theese people believe in a heaven and hell. And if not heaven and hell but in a doctrane that not only advocates it but also defines it. 

In the modern 21st century where capital punishment is arguably considered inhuman and heinous crimes such as mutilation and rape are believed to be worse than murder. I wonder how then a 70% inhabitants of the same 21st century believe that an all-loving god would punish people with eternal torture of hell fire in the christian and islamic hell or in 28 diffrenent kind of hells with much gross, inhuman, disgusting, brutal, callous,sadistic, torturous (mentally and physically ) punishments in the hindu hell. 

This is the same 21st century citizens who would protest against honour rape (a justice served infamously in indian panchayats) and capital punishment but in their faith would be content with a god that caries out theese vicious and barbaric punishments. 

How dare you label a god this vicious as an ‘all loving’ one? How dare you label his revelations as sacred? How dare you treat his texts as the high ground of morality?   Contemplate this, tommorow you wake and read in the newspaper that Indian parliament has decided that if an act  of public display of affection is commited, the penalty would be to tie the couple in ropes and burn them. Would you still have faith in the justice system or its ability to diffrentiate right from wrong?

Simmilarly,If a god cannot serve justice correctly then how can he be relied upon to reveal what is right or wrong in the first place?

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5 Responses to Sacred text

  1. Firstly! It is all a game of perspective. I understand yours.
    CONSIDER god as law and we samaritans. A!
    B! Now law is law and we are still samaritans all different psychologically.
    Now once we are dead who gives a single fuck . None do ! But till we are alive capital punishment shall be looked down upon coz human deciding for human is only disastrous. Words tagged shall be dictatorship , INHUMAN , etc. So i’d rather not decide what is wrong and what is right! We shall live with moderate decisions and persoectives. < <<<< your point.


  2. Very well written and very ligit points taken.
    People are still blind and creating terrors and massacres over an illusion whose defintions are so messed up on their own.
    Well, I await the time when more and more people would search and strive for reason and significance like you!


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