The last stage.

One stage of the human mind (regarding religion) is when it knows for certain or has enough knowledge to conclude that all religions wriiten in The world are incompatible with the morals or beliefs that he/she posseses. Or if the mere thought of  conciliating religion and god becomes servile to the brain, The person possessing such a perception holds the argument that god had a divorce with religion and a marrige with his/her conscience. God’s decision of justice, righteousness, morality and ethicality holds the same criteria as that of the person believing in a divorced god. This god becomes more personal than universal.

This perhaps is the last stage before submitting to athiesm. This idea appears more rational when you examine that this was probably  the first stage when the idea of god would have been  coined in a thiestic (or possibly a con’s) mind. The first gods were conceivably a result of mankind’s personal fears and lack of knowledge. It can be spelled out wonderfully by looking at the greek mythology. Whenever thunder would strike or storms would destroy villages, a conclusion of the sky god being angry was not argued upon. Zeus perhaps was a result of such an insecurity and fear. 

Conceptualize being an inhabitant of an era where the knowledge of natural occurances such as that of tsunamis , hurricanes, volcanic eruptions were unknown. One would wonder why the winds are angry or why is the sea unstable or why is fire coming out from underneath the ground. seeing such a phenomenon take lives of the fellow human beings one would also fear theese natural occurrences. Contemplating the fact that no single human could be herculean enough to make the winds angry . Zeus , poseidon and haedes were braught into the equation to form a solution for the unanswered questions. Hence, being gods of more personal knowledge than universal one.

Inception of krishna, jesus, mohammad and their miracles (majorly miracles in the case of mohammad) apear to be following the same patern as thoose of the sky , water and land gods of the greek mythology. Theese were either created out of fear or to bring fear. Krishna’s and jesus’ story concludes when a lordship of a totalitarian and evil dictator/king is braught down, in order to bring fear into the hearts of thoose in power. Mohammad’s miracle of splitting the moon in two can be best described by the lack of knowledge about lunar eclipses. Theese stories were then followed as sacred texts ,religious doctrines and an ideology of the definite truth.

Seeing how for the person that believes in a divorced and a personal god, the journey of being religious has gone backwards. I conclude that possibly associating with no religion and believing in a god is possibly the last stage of being religious.

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