An era to remember

The last time i wrote a blog was a long time back and I believe it’s time for my comeback. 

A lot has happened in the world since then. Syrians opted to leave syria , England opted to leave Europe and Americans opted to leave their minds at home on the election day.

But that’s not all that happened, recent times also showed us hope. Take For example the fact that there are more black people nominated for the academy awards than there are black people in trump’s cabinet. That’s right, even the good news is depressing.

Enough about the west though. Coming to my country, India,  we recently demonetised our highest currency denominations. This caused more than  a 100 deaths and shook the growth of the world’s largest democracy. India was the fastest growing economy in the world and  is now set to take a fall economically in the next two economical quarters. 

Therefore economically speaking, i can calmly conclude that we are fucked. 

For What seems to be an era worth telling the posterity about, trust me, if you have survived all of this, you can easily spend the valentines alone in your warm blanket watching the champions league.  

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