Death and the meaning 

Death is a part of life

Or maybe it is the end of one. 

Now,I don’t want to die early but as i come to think of it, death will always come early 

Maybe it knows the exact moment people wouldn’t want to die at or maybe it doesn’t have a clue at all. So it just barges in at anytime to make things simpler for itself.

Whatever it is, it brings sanity into the world, purpose inside it, meaning to, what would otherwise be a wasteful effort on earth and most importantly it brings love and time all the attention it needs. 

Death is not a happy event, it’s full sorrow and horror. It is not something people look for, in fact, most people run away from it. Such is death, a part of life.

Some lives, however, are not so pleasant. Life itself is sorrow and horror. Some lives are always in the dark, ravaged by all elements of life. It’s not something people want to live for. Such lives bring sanity, purpose and meaning to death. Attraction to it. Such is death, an end of life. 

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