A martyr in the mirror

They say be passionate but not too much

They say run but don’t rush

They want you to fly but close to their skies 

They want you to dream but with closed eyes

As you grow up and time flies

You learn the greatness is nothing in the smiles

You learn the greatness is in the unseen tears and unheard cries

Don’t grow up to find yourself a martyr in the mirror

Grow up to tell the tales of giving up never

Walk through the desert, swim through hell

Feel the pain, give them a story to tell

Never back down, win the crown

Break a leg but never frown

Ones that hate and the ones that doubt 

Leave them unconscious,knock them out.

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Over me

watching people walk over me

I’ve grown afraid to see

As the fear inside of me rose

To keep the eye lids shut i chose

Once upon a time in my thoughts of the days i let go

I found a tree which sheltered me in its shadow

The sun came up as i was sitting beneath the tree

It was your smile that had brightened the day and brightened my eye

It was your affection that had given me the warmth i seek

All of a sudden it was you i had given the power over me

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She opened her eyes and saw him. The one man she had once wished to never see again and as time passed the same man had become her wish. She saw him and felt confused. She initially wanted to stay away from him as he was a hurricane to her. In between all theese thoughts the boy said ‘hi’. It was then that the girl realised, calm is not outside the hurricane it’s inside the eye of the hurricane. Without him she is lost but with him she likes being lost.

And him? 
He is the hurricane, he would destroy the world in order to keep his eye secure! 

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Yours or mine? 

you’re my fear, I don’t care

You’re my weakness, you’re something i would never share

You’re the glimpse that changed me from my toe to my head

You’re the night kiss that killed all the monsters beneath my bed

I thought you would stay

I thought we would forever be this way

the day you were gone and i was all alone

A question inside of me has grown

A question that bothers my smile and makes dull the moon’s shine

It asks me, my body, my love and my heart. It asks ‘yours or mine?’ 

am i yours or am i mine?  

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Winning or loosing?

He asked furiously ‘why is it so incomplete?!’, she couldn’t answer him, as pure as she was she just stood their with wet eyes. But as aggressive as he was he went on speaking every feeling that came to his mind. He kept screaming repeatedly ‘i hate you, you did this to me. I hate you , you did this to me. I hate you, you did this to me’ She had had enough of his blaming, she finally broke the master’s gridlock and claimed with a heavy heart ‘i did it for you goddamit!! I did it for you, i want you to reach the sky , I don’t want to be your weakness that holds you back from spreading your wings, i love you too much to see you loose because of me, i love you stupid i love you’ as she cried throughout.
Both of them experienced an emotional silence , with heavy wind blowing behind and darkness around them. The boy and the girl looked straight into each other’s eyes.She could feel his breath. 
The boy then in a low, bleak and fragile voice said ‘ (hername), what do i do with winning and loosing? When i have lost you?’ 

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The yadav’s of UP 

‘Ab aap sudhar jaaeye, bus itna hi kahunga’ (now you must mend your ways, i’ve told you as much) said the voice, purportedly of mulayam singh.

An officer in UP Released an audio tape purportedly containing mulayam singh yadav’s voice.the audio tape which was almost 2 minutes long had it’s own share of highlights much like the dialogue in which the IG ranking officer was supposedly threatned with dire consequences if he did not mend his ways and  the other being ‘don’t you remember what happened with you at jasrana dawat,i think we should do the same to you again’ .

The jasrana incident is where the officer was saved from being beaten up. The samajwadi party chief proved that he is still sharp as he did not forget the jasrana incident. 

To make matters worse for the samjwadi party the chief minister akhilesh yadav took it on himself to defend maualyam singh yadav. The young and clearly mature chief minister stated ‘when mulayam singh can scold the chief minister, there is nothing wrong in his scolding an official’ . It seems as if the chief minister believes that mulayam singh yadav is in position to scold everyone in UP because the party chief holds the position of a father even outside of the chief minister’s residence

As of now, the akhilesh yadav led government on monday have suspended the inspector genral of police,civil chief,Amitabh Thakur who loged an FIR against mulayam singh yadav.

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silent, it’s silent I can’t hear a noise, I can’t hear my surroundings , I can’t even hear the people screaming around me but i keep myself that way. I like the silence nowdays, the silence that engulfs my neck, that makes me feel suffocated, makes me feel lonely and i love it.

Sometimes i want to break out of this world and run, run to a sea shore where the sun sets and there is no weight on my shoulders. I would love to look dead in the sky and cry. Cry my heart out. 

Leave all these thoughts behind and start a new life at a new place, maybe europe. But always in silence. Silence has become my eternal love. It seems as if life would stay that way for a wile, in silence. 

While everyone persues into happiness, i persue into silence and i persue into my search. The search of one sound, one sound that defines my love for her.

Which defins my love for silence, i stay silent, i ignore all the noises and look for one soft menacing voice. Her voice. Her laughs. Her everything.. .. .. .

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